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Work samples and project management samples

I am a published author and have published several books with Amazon. Please check out some of my writing here. 

I developed and created a full guardianship training program for those living in the state of Michigan who wished to learn more about starting and creation a business dedicated to being a professional personal guardian. Throughout this course, particpants learn how to start a business, receive mandated reporter training, and learn the ins and outs of what it takes to become a professional public guardian in the state of Michigan.

I developed and created (completely from scratch!) a 12 hour CNA CEU course. In most states, CNAs are required to have 12 hours of CEU courses. Topics covered include abuse and neglect, social media, bullying, infection control, and more. This 12 credit hour course can be broken up, and at the completion of each course, participants receive a certificate of completion. 

Project Management Sample

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Website creation and development

As a professional, I also have abilities in HTML, Javascript, CSS, and more to create and develop beautiful and functional websites. I have detailed insight into SEO, keyword optimization, and what it takes to create an eye-catching website for any organization or individual. 

You can see the full sample below at www.pesschoolofnursing.com 

How to Video

As a crafter, I love to share my work and share how tos with others. This 20 minute video demonstrates my abiliites to teach in an understanding and conscientious manner and to show others how to do something that they love.

Tips and Tricks Video for CNA State Skills Exam